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Industrial Solar Rooftops

Industrial Solar Rooftops

Suntek Solar Systems is an established firm in India known for providing quality centric solar panels. Here’s introducing our cutting edge grid-tied solar PV systems which seamlessly integrate with your existing power grid, allowing you to harness the sun's energy to power your home or business efficiently. This grid tied solar PV Systems are eco-friendly and also cost effective alternative to the traditional energy sources. Grid-tied solar PV Systems effectively reduces the electricity bills and gives the energy independence.

These Grid-tied solar PV Systems are well known for their simple and simplicity & high end performance. Grid-tied solar PV Systems captures the sunlight and convert it into the clean energy, meanwhile inverters ensures seamless integration by optimizing energy production and thereby reducing power wastage. Our grid-tied solar PV systems are tailored to meet your specific energy needs, whether you're a homeowner or a business owner. Reach out to Suntek now for any queries on Industrial Solar Panel and Commercial Solar System.

Benefits for Industries with Suntek Solar

Solar Power, Profit Power

Enjoy a great return on investment with solar energy, boosting your financial gains with less than 2 Years of ROI

Low Maintenance

Reduce operating costs and allocate resources to critical business areas

Stability in Energy Costs

Take control of future energy bills with self-generated electricity, ensuring stability.

Value-Added Investment

Elevate property value with a solar system, attracting potential buyers and tenants.

Tax Benefits through depreciation at 40%

Leverage tax credits and 40% depreciation every year for a financially viable solar investment.

Green Commitment, Strong Brand

Enhance your brand image by embracing green solar power and sustainabilit

Heat Reduction

Installation of solar power reduces around 4 Degree Celsius heat inside the shed.

Shed or RCC Buildings

Lifespan of Shed increases as it is not exposed directly.

Shield Your Finances from Electricity Costs

Shielding Industries from Future Tariff Hikes with Suntek Solar

EMI Payments

Lifetime Electricity Bill or Short-term EMI Payment ?

Take control of your lifetime electricity bills! With Suntek's solar rooftops, you can convert your lifetime energy expenses into manageable short-term EMIs. Enjoy clean, renewable energy while saving on your monthly bills. Our tailored financing options make it easy to transition to solar power, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for you and your family. Experience the freedom of generating your own electricity and take control of your energy future with Suntek.

Industrial Power Systems

Our Industrial Customers

  • Gubba cold storage Pvt Ltd - 3 MW
  • Hariom pipe Industries Ltd - 1 MW + 1MW - 2MW
  • Ace tyres Limited - 1MW + 1 MW - 2MW
  • SpinnMax Tyres Ltd - 1MW
  • Excel Rubber Ltd (Hindhupur)- 1 MW
  • Sriraj Tubes Pvt Ltd - 1 MW
  • Sudhakar PVC – 1MW- Ujjain
  • Strontium Ferriten India Ltd- 1MW
  • Mahasai Aluminium Profiles Private Limited - Medchal - 800 KW
  • Vertice Global Pvt Ltd- 520KW
  • Ramse Aluminium Products Pvt Ltd- 500kw
  • Integrated Clean Room Technologies Pvt Ltd (ICLEAN) - 500KW
  • Exel Rubber Ltd (Pashamailaram) - 486 KW
  • Reactive Metals - Balanagar, Mahabubnagar - 400 kw
  • PlastiLami coats Pvt Ltd - 360KW
  • Kumar Enterprises - Nacharam- 330 KW
  • Arrow Cables Ltd - 280KW
  • Balaji Polymers - 180KW
  • Ralpro - Chandapur
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