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Commercial Rooftop Solutions

Commercial Solar Rooftops

Commercial Solar Rooftops

Suntek Energy Systems, A pioneer in the industry of solar energy. Suntek is dedicated in providing state of the art Commercial rooftop Solutions for a reliable & sustainable future. Commercial Solar Rooftops benefits in maximizing energy independence and in providing the most efficient way of generating electricity. With years of expertise in the renewable energy sector, we pride ourselves on delivering high-performance solar panels that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also contribute to long-term energy savings & also rapid ROI for commercial organizations. Suntek is dedicated in providing tailored solar solutions that matches the needs of our customer’s commercial needs. We are equipped with a solid team of experts who ensures seamless experience from concept to installation, leveraging the latest advancements in solar technology. From reducing electricity bills to maximizing energy efficiency, we empower you to take control of your energy future. For our precise & reliable services Suntek stands tall as the Best solar solutions provider in commercial category.

Advantages of Suntek Solar Commercial Rooftop Solutions

Energy Savings, Business Profits, Cut costs, boost profits

Maximize Rooftop Potential: Utilize idle space for solar generation.

Stable Costs, Stable Business: Hedge against fluctuating tariffs.

Dependable Performance, Lasting Impact: Trust in reliable solar systems.

Green Energy, Green Image: Embrace clean power, enhance brand image.

Fast ROI, Bright Future: Payback within 3-4 years, secure long-term savings.

Easy Financing for Growth: Collateral-free loans for MSMEs & Businesses

Invest Wisely, Reap Benefits: Divert lifetime bills to short EMI payments.

Government Commercial Installations

  • GHMC Hyderabad - 19 Buildings - 500KW
  • NITHAM - 200KW
  • Maulana Azad National Urdu University - 100KW
  • NIMS Hospitals - 10,000 LPD
  • Government Social Welfare Hostels - 30,000 LPD
  • Mini Gurukulam Schools - 15,000 LPD
  • Kothagudem Thermal Power Station - 70KW
  • AP Tribunal - 55KW
  • T-Hub Foundation - 67KW
  • VNR VJIM - 280KW
  • HINDI Maha Vidyalaya - 100KW
  • Word & Deed - 100KW
  • Jagannath Temple - 27KW
  • KEDIA College - 40KW
  • Woxen University - 30,000 LPDMini Gurukulam Schools - 15,000 LPD
  • DRS International School - 10,000LPD
  • Padmashali Bhavan - 30KW
  • Gubba Corporate Office - 20KW
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