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What is the best time to install Solar?

We have always heard one question from  our potential buyers that


It is often seen that buyers are skeptical about installing a solar system in the rainy season or during winters. Please remember that solar is not a seasonal product. When it comes to going solar, there’s no time like right now. Please remember that solar is not a seasonal product. We are lucky to be living in the part of the world which receives the sun’s rays throughout the year. So the right time to install a solar system is when the sun shines bright!

In this article, we will try to clear all the doubts that come across our buyers mind while installing Solar at Home, Office or any other purpose!

Is it a Seasonal Product? Seasonal solar products are like - a cooler or a heater or a geyser. These are all seasonal appliances as a consumer needs them only for a particular season. But it is not so in the case of a solar . Solar panels are functional for 365 days of 25 years, that you have the warranty for. The sun shines every day and you need to run your light or fan every day too. Hence, solar is a NON-SEASONAL product.

What are the suitable weather conditions ? During colder months,
there are fewer installations in your neighborhood but in summers most of the home owners feel the need of installing solar and therefore there is a long waiting list. But during winters, Solar brands can get to your house quicker so you won’t have to wait long to get things moving.

Should have a proper knowledge about Solar Products! Sometimes people are unable to install solar as they don’t have an adequate and appropriate technical advice. SUNTEK has experts who can advice you the best products to install according to your requirements. As if a customer is properly advised about technically advanced products, they will surely buy them even for a little higher price tag too. For example, here are the latest technology solar products:

Panels - POLY/MONO crystalline ,
Wire - DC and AC cables,
Inverter - Wall Mounted String Inverter,
Panel Structure - Galvanized / Aluminum, etc.

Currently, it’s the rainy season. Are you still thinking why do I install solar panels in the rainy season? Well, the answer is to run TV, light, and fans. The power generated by a solar energy is enough to meet your day-to-day power needs. Contact SUNTEK energy Systems Private Limited and get an expert advice .

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