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Solar power can save 95% on electricity bills, says study.

Ask for recent research conducted by the council on energy environment and water. For example, people now can save at least 95% on their electricity bills provided they start using solar power. Neeraj Kuldeep, a project associate, suggested that people have arrived at this number by comparing estimates of the electricity costs of traditional sources and solar sources over 25 years. The study was undertaken in collaboration with Yamuna power limited in central and east Delhi.

The adoption of solar power has been slow, and experts here say that even though the government has given a 30% subsidy, households have installed only 400 MW of rooftop solar across the entire country. Speaking the same at the release of the report ministry of new and renewable energy, Praveen Kumar also said understanding and resolving the challenges faced by household developers and financiers will be essential to speed up the residential adoption of rooftop solar plants. The study also proposed around three utility LED models to encourage the adoption of solar energy based on housing and ownership pattern type. Furthermore on billing financing model for individual house owners will help in recovering the cost through savings made on solar energy.

An apartment complex can easily take around a community solar motor. At the same time, the cost will be shared based on the ownership of the solar capacity.  the renters can also go for the shared partners model, which will simply be the demand for solar power record. Still, it arrives at them to ensure to use of free roof space available with the warehouses or the governments.

Lastly, an adaptation of rooftop solar will also help people manage the peak demand and fulfill the renewable purchase obligation. A significant portion of the BYPL clients is in the residential segment.

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