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How much money can you save by going solar?

No doubt the environmental benefits of going solar are documented already, and it is considered widely to be an agreed solution to help people overcome the ever-rising problem of climate change one often ignored advantage of going solar is the financial advantages that come along. Whenever you are producing your electricity using the rooftop solar system, you are not inherently dependent on the local electricity supply that helps you save around 80% on your electricity bill every month. You can also export the excessive power that you have produced and further import it at night time when your system is not producing energy as you will use net metering.

Additionally, you need to know that for a rooftop solar system, the tariff for the next 25 years will be decided at the time you sign the power purchase agreement. It can potentially insulate you from inflation and shop you with the rise in the price of electricity due to external factors, including the coal crisis the country is going through, helping you to plan the expenses. Most solar systems depending on the size and capacity, have a payback timeline of around 3 to 4 years. It means that for all the practical purposes, you are going to be producing your solar power and consuming it for free.

Understanding with an example

For example, if you are living in Delhi having a rented home, you would be spending around INR 6000 every month on the average electricity bill. The amount, of course, in summers will be quite high considering the ACS that will be operating and slightly lower in the winter time when the power utilization is low. Considering the same, you would be interested to know that the solar system is perfectly capable of handling all types of loads that your property goes through, considering the capacity while designing is appropriate. It is the only reason why solar engineering companies spend a lot of time analysing the electricity bill in personalizing a solution that gives you cost-effective yet maximum returns on the investment, making the journey towards solarization quite rewarding and uncomfortable.

The solar calculator recommends around 6.3 kilowatts which will allow me to save around 80% of the monthly electricity expenses if you have a bill amount of INR 6000 every month. Your system will also pay itself back in not even five years but also less.

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