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5 Myths About Solar Energy in India

Sun is one of the best alternatives and a great renewable energy source that gives fuel to live on earth with clean and sustainable energy. The sun's energy is convertible into solar energy through solar photovoltaic modules. The sources are fast picking as the majority of the people are finding the truth about solar energy and getting rooftop solar systems installed at their workplace or even home. The system is quite cost-effective and can regularly save around 80% of your power utility bill. But several misconceptions revolve around solar energy and the belief that it is expensive, reliable, complicated, etc.

Some of the common myths about solar energy in India are as follows

Solar panels generally work only under sunshine

One of the most common myths is that solar panels do not work in abnormal weather conditions and always need bright sunny days for solar to make sense. It is not true as in some places with extreme cold and cloudy conditions; solar energy power systems are producing solar power. The reason behind this is that solar panels need sunlight but not the heat of it to absorb this energy. As long as some sunlight reaches the earth, solar technology can be used optimistically. So even if you end up living in one of the coldest parts of the country and want to use a sustainable source, you can save a lot of money every month by choosing solar without thinking about the myth.

Solar power is expensive

No, it is not at all true; in fact, the price of solar panels has dropped drastically in the past few years. Most homeowners today consider using solar energy, and the demand is increasing at the same time; competition among solar system companies is rising, which has led to a decrease in price. Additionally, the center and state governments have different lease options to allow the homeowners to go solar with zero upfront cost and savings on the energy bills first stop, irrespective of mentioning several buyback options that result in financial savings. It will help you save a lot in the long run.

Solar panels are not sufficient in terms of power.

There is a myth that solar panels are not efficient enough to offer power to major utilities in your house or even the heavy equipment used in the industry. The experts providing solar power energy suggest that the efficiency of a solar cell, even under some normal sunlight, is perfect for making any heavy machines work with optimum capability. One of the largest users of solar is the military, as they rely on technology for dependable energy to power their bases.

The solar panel system is durable.

There is no moving part to wear out, and solar panels are quite reliable. The majority of the panels produce electricity for several years. Solar systems installed in the late 1970s are also producing power today, so you can imagine how reliable solar energy can be.

Installation is challenging

The installation is not the case here because once you show interest in installing solar power, choose a reliable company. Experts from there will help you complete the installation process easily. You can connect with the experts to get your hands on the most reliable installation. A complete comprehensive technology commercial purposes submitted and then exports will guide you ahead for the installation.

You can consider these factors and myths before you decide whether you want to install solar power energy or not.

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