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Industrial Solar Rooftops
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Solar Rooftops

Suntek specializes in offering Residential Solar Rooftops as well as commercial and industrial rooftops.

Suntek Energy Systems Private Limited Established in the year 2008 and has grown in stature and expertise since then. Manufacturer and Trader of a gamut of products. These products work on the solar technology. They have battery backups, which helps them function even during the night.

Innovation is the need of the hour, and our research team lives up to the challenge and thinks out of the box to come up with new radical ideas. Our professionals educate the people and companies on the effective use of the free solar energy in their homes or industries.

industrial rooftop

Industrial Rooftops

At Suntek Solar, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge Industrial Rooftop Solar Power solutions that enable industries to harness the power of the sun
residential solar

Residential Rooftops

At Suntek Solar, we bring the power of the sun to your doorstep with our Residential Rooftop Solar Solutions.
commercial rooftops

Commercial Rooftops

Suntek Solar's Commercial Rooftop Solutions: Empowering Businesses with Clean and Efficient Energy At Suntek Solar,

Clean, Green Solar Power
Sustainable Energy from Sun

At Suntek Solar, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge Industrial Rooftop Solar Power solutions that enable industries to harness the power of the sun and transform their energy consumption. With a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, we take pride in delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solar solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of industries.

Why Suntek ?

Expertise and Experience

India's Most Trusted Solar Brand Since 2008.

Ranked #1

Solar Rooftop Company for 4 Years in a Row.

Pan-India Connectivity

Wide Range of Network Across India.

Innovative and Sustainable

Constantly identify new eco-friendly solar solutions

Dedicated Service Team

Count on our experts to swiftly identify & solve issues

Award Winning

24+ Awards, No.1 Solar Company by TREDSCO & MNRE.

Quality Assured Products

International Certified Products & Components.


Your satisfaction is our priority, providing seamless support.


The Voice of Experience
What Our Customer Says

Award-Winning Excellence: Illuminate Your World with Suntek Solar!

Ranked No.1 Solar Company by Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation, TSREDCO (Govt of Telangana) & MNRE (Govt of India), Suntek Energy Systems Private Limited has been recognized for relentless commitment to excellence & Sustainability.


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Head Office

Plot No.77, Shubhodaya Colony, Jashua Society, Allwyn Colony Road, Usha Mullapudi Kaman, Opp: Hanuman Temple, Telangana, India - 500072

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Save Electricity Bill

Suntek Solar Rooftops offers a cutting-edge solution for sustainable energy, significantly reducing electricity expenses by up to 90%. By harnessing the power of solar technology, businesses can achieve substantial cost savings while contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do solar panels work during cloudy days?
    Solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy days, although their efficiency is reduced. The amount of sunlight directly affects the power output, so a bright, overcast day will still produce some energy.
  • Can solar panels be installed on any roof?
    In general, solar panels can be installed on most roofs. Factors such as roof orientation, slope, and shading should be considered. Flat roofs may require additional mounting structures, while shaded areas may impact overall efficiency.
  • What is the payback period for a solar system?
    The payback period for a solar system depends on various factors, including installation costs, energy savings, and local incentives. On average, it can range from 5 to 15 years.
  • Are there government incentives for solar installations?
    Yes, There is a subsidy- MNRE scheme for the Domestic depending upon the different parameters. For Industries they can claim the GST & Take the Depreciation which more compare to subsidy.
  • What are products Suntek Solar ?
    Suntek Solar is into Solar RoofTop Installations Industrial, Commercial & Residential. We undertake solar installations, solar water heaters & solar fencing.
  • Why Suntek Solar ?
    15 years in the market & Post Sales Service ,Monitoring the system generation throughout,365 days round clock services with inhouse service, engineering team,Own Manufacturing Team.
  • Does SUNTEK Provide services across India?
    Yes,Irrespective of the Location, We will find the way to reach you. For more information ,Please write to us at
  • What happens when solar break?
    If the panels break during transportation or installation, you are covered. However, you are not covered through Suntek Solar for damages caused by nature like thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc. and physical damage / theft by someone, etc. You must take insurance; it costs less.
  • How long solar panels last?
    Good solar panels will last till 25-27 years.
  • How to clean solar panels?
    The time best suited for cleaning the panels is before 8 am or after 6 pm, since during the peak hours the DC voltage is high. It is dangerous and might hamper with the generation of electricity. They are easier to clean when wet because the dust can be wiped off easily. For safety purposes it is advised to use a long handheld wiper while you are standing on the ground else you could use a soft cloth as well.
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